5 steps to make recess time fun and physically active

Mangostin staff
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Are you looking for a fun, mentally and physically active set of activities for the recess time of your Primary students?
The PE team at Saint Anthony's Primary might just have a solution for you, where 100+ physically active games were played daily.

How to play

Students pick a challenge card, then clear their tag keys and tap the correct checkpoints.

How to play a Mangostin game

Step 1

active recess cone set up

Pick a place where the 10 checkpoints (sports cones) can be set for the duration of the recess. A covered playground area is a good candidate.

Step 2

Select a set of game themes to be rotated on weekly basis. Four themes per week work usually well with Primary students. Use the existing games or create your own. The challenge cards below show an addition game with dominos, the correct steps to wash hands and matching games.

four challenge cards

Step 3

Set the active recess as a mostly student-managed activity where students under teacher supervision:

  • Set and put away the cones at the beginning and end of the recess segment
  • Collect and bring back their tag keys
  • Pick any challenge cards
  • Self-check their results with the tablet or computer

mangostin set up

Step 4

Brief the teachers! This is an important step. Organize a short briefing for the teachers in charge of the recess times to present the equipment and the Mangostin app.

Step 5

Last but not the least: show the students! Use a short segment in one PE lesson to introduce each class with the active recess.