How to automate the timing of the 2.4 km run (NAPFA)

Mangostin staff
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Christ Church Secondary run around campus

Have you ever had a dream that the NAPFA 2.4km run timekeeping was automated? No more stopwatches, and no more paper recordings?

Here is one way using the Mangostin platform that you can do just that, with these benefits:

  • Timings are automatically captured
  • Students' timing are instantly presented after their run
  • All timings are automatically tabulated and available in a spreadsheet for the teachers
  • Students' progress are visible across sessions

An example of how Christ Church Secondary automates the 2.4km timing

Set up the route

For lap timing, only one checkpoint is needed (e.g. checkpoint 1), as it serves as Start, Lap and Finish.

Timekeeping template

For the 2.4km run, if one lap is 800 m, students run 3 laps and tap the checkpoint 4 times to complete the run.

Hand out the tag cards to students

Tag card

For an efficient distribution, each student takes the tag card corresponding his/her student index number (e.g. tag card #1)

Set the electronic checkpoints

To ease the flow at the checkpoint, install several tagging stations. Students can then tap any stations during their run.

Race checkpoint

Start the race and get the results

Time shown to student after the 2.4km run

Race checkpoint

Report for the teacher showing students times (sorted by student index number)


A group mass-start is also possible.

Happy automation!