How to organize a safe school cross country during COVID times

Mangostin staff
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Tanglin Trust School in Singapore organized its junior school cross country for about 800 students. This event was awarding points for the annual House competition. During COVID times, to ensure students safety, the PE team had to adapt the race format and use a new time tracking technology.

The PE team set a 1 km and four-checkpoint course around the campus. Children also ran individually as time trial over a period of two weeks. To increase safety and ease the flow at checkpoints, the team set up several electronic tagging stations per checkpoint. Teachers could follow the progression of the event live from their hand phones.

Each student ran with an electronic tag key to clear each of the four checkpoints. At the finish line, each student time was automatically captured and uploaded to update the multiple leaderboards:

  • House ranking
  • Individual student ranking by grade, by class and by gender

house ranking tanglin trust

Well done to all the students and the PE team !!!

cross country at tanglin trust

Junior School Cross Country - Tanglin Trust