Experienced teachers joined a physically active learning session as part of an in-service program

Mangostin staff
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Experienced MOE teachers

A group of experienced teachers, as part of an NIE in-service program (National Institute of Education, Singapore), participated in an 2-hour active learning session. And they ran, learnt and had a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™Œ.

The objective of the session was to show how to offer Primary students a learning experience that blends physical movement, academic subjects and technology.

The first 3 activities took place in the NIE sports hall, and showed how students' movements can be used to answer questions, while maintaining a high level of engagement.

The last activity (i.e. the Amazing Learning Race) demonstrated how students can co-create the content of an activity and help them build a deeper understanding of a subject. It also creates an opportunity to bring the learning outdoor.

English suffixes

Participants moved between checkpoints which represent the multiple choices of the question cards. To answer, participants tapped the correct sequence of checkpoints, i.e: tapping all checkpoints displaying the correct suffix for a given root word.

Mangostin suffix game

Navigation with cardinals

Navigation is part of the outdoor ed curriculum in Primary.

Mangostin cardinals game

The teachers followed the cardinal steps on their challenge card (e.g. SW, S, E, S, E, W).

Quiz in movement

The teachers took the active version of the Primary 6 health and fitness quiz. Each checkpoint displayed either A, or B, or C or D.

Mangostin cardinals game

They also realized that quiz on any subjects could be upgraded with physical movement. How to go from a pen-and-paper to a physically active quiz in 5 minutes

Students co-create and run their Amazing Learning Race on NIE campus

Each team had to provide one MCQ about any Primary curriculum subjects. The MCQs were then attached to one of the 6 checkpoints on NIE campus. Finally, the teams competed to visit all checkpoints and answer all questions correctly.

NIE amazing race

It was a rich and intense 2-hour session ๐Ÿ˜…

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