How to go from a pen-and-paper to a physically active quiz in 5 minutes

Mangostin staff
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Paper quiz

School vector created by macrovector / Freepik

Are you wondering whether physical movement can be easily added in the school curriculum? For an academic subject? Or even for a test or quiz?
The PE teachers at Saint Anthony's Primary in Singapore upgraded their existing Primary 6 Health and Fitness paper quiz to a quiz in movement.

Students taking an active quiz

It is an immediate win for students and teachers.

  • Extra physical activity for the students
  • instant quiz feedback for the students
  • Automatically tabulated results for the teachers

Copy the multiple choice questions in a Google Sheet

Copy your existing questions and possible answers into a Google Sheet.

Quiz spreadsheet

Select the number of unique quiz sheets

For an assessment quiz, go for one unique quiz sheet per student. With each student having a unique quiz sheet, following another student doesn't help 😉.
Ready-to-print quiz sheets are automatically saved on the teacher's Google Drive.

Personalized quiz sheets

Set 5 checkpoints and hand out tag keys and quiz sheets

Set five PE cones and their electronic checkpoints as the quiz multiple choices (A, B, C, D and Next). Hand out a tag key (or card) and a quiz sheet to each student.
The physically active quiz is ready!