How Christ Church Secondary prepares its students for the 2.4k NAPFA run

Mangostin staff
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Christ Church Secondary run around campus

Christ Church Secondary uses technology to prepare students for the 2.4k NAPFA run and to improve their fitness.

Four times a week, 2 alternating classes run 5 laps around the Christ Church Secondary's school campus using the Mangostin technology.

  • Students wear an electronic key at their index finger to tap an electronic checkpoint at each lap.
  • Times including lap times and total times are automatically recorded.
  • Teachers provide feedback on pacing and total time.
A student shows how to tap a checkpoint with the electronic key

A student tap an electronic checkpoint with electronic key

Observed key benefits

  • Increased student motivation
  • Automated timing system. No stopwatch or manual recording
  • Instant access to lap times. Increased student awareness of pacing and on the spot feedback
  • Easily accessible reports on the portal for teachers and students. Post-lesson feedback and next lesson follow up

A session with a Secondary 2 class

1. Teachers prepared hardware and started the app

Mangostin system is ready

2. Students get their assigned key

The electronic keys are numbered from 1 to 45, so that students pick the key matching their school index or registration number.

Students collects their electronic keys

3. Ready, set, go!

A student taps the checkpoint

4. Results
Instant student result

Display student lap time results

Teachers can also follow the live results on their phones, export the results to a spreadsheet or share a link with the results.

Race results

Export to spreadsheet

Export results to a spreadsheet

💪 Increased students' motivation and improved performance

Students clearing checkpoints

The teachers observe an increase in student motivation using Mangostin versus the traditional stopwatch. By having access to the overall and lap times, students can track their progress over time and make adjustments to their approach (e.g. pacing) based on the feedback provided by teachers. This can lead to increased motivation and a greater sense of achievement as students see their performance improve.

One known limitation: the fastest students may need to slow down to tap the checkpoints. However the benefits of increased motivation, availabilty of lap times and data comparison between sessions overweight this limitation.

One added benefit: if students lose track on their number of laps, they can easily check the count on the laptop.

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