Self and peer assessments in PE

Mangostin staff
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Screenshots of Mangostin for self and peer assessments

Self and peer assessments: practical and effective tools to do regular assessment

Regular assessment can seem overwhelming, especially if as a specialty teacher (e.g. PE teacher) you see a large number of students each week.
We all know that assessments are an important part of the feedback loop for both the teachers and the students. By involving students in the assessment process, teachers can gain valuable insights into their students' progress and help them identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Self assessment and peer assessments could be both practical and effective tools to do regular assessments.

The rubrics

By providing and explaining the rubrics, teachers ensure that students understand the assessment criteria and are able to assess themselves and their peers fairly.

The assessment tool

By using technology such as the Mangostin platform, assessments can be done digitally, making the process more efficient and streamlined:

  • Students can digitally record their self and peer assessments as well as short videos.
  • Teachers can review all the assessments and video recordings and compare students' progress between sessions.

Example: basket ball PE rubric - shielding with non-dribbling hand

  • Dribble using hand farthest away from opponent (ball at waist height)
  • Extend non-dribbling hand
  • Knees bent

Each skill is either observed (1 point) or not observed (0 point).

A short video shows what it is expected from the students.

The teacher uses Mangostin so that students can record a video clip and their assessment digitally.

The students

Students use the web app on the school tablets or on their phones. For peer assessment, the reviewer first selects the reviewee, then records the attainment and a short video.

Screenshots of Mangostin for self and peer assessments

The teachers

Teachers can view and track results on the teacher portal:

Screenshot of the teacher view of students' self and peer assessments

Self and peer assessments along with rubrics and technology can be effective tools for regular assessment, in a way that is efficient and meaningful for both teachers and students.


School assessment illustration

Image by pch.vector on Freepik

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