Team NUS Summit 2022 - Navigation Race @Pulau Ubin

Mangostin staff
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Pulau Ubin map

As part of the Team NUS Summit 2022, 70 sports leaders competed as 6 teams for 4 hours in a navigation race on Pulau Ubin island in Singapore.
To score as many points as possible, teams needed to check in at 16 checkpoints distributed across the island. More points were awarded to the furthest checkpoints. The preparation phase was key for the teams to strategize and plan their route before starting the navigation race.

The organizers used the Mangostin platform to design the race and then track the progress and locations of the teams. Participants used their phones with the Mangostin Web App to check-in and answer questions at the gps-specified checkpoints.

Mangostin Web App screenshots

The race was a success, and this event revealed clearly winning teams.

Note for the organizers: Pulau Ubin is a challenging location to run gps-based races as GPS strength in some areas can be poor. The organizing team decided to use a combination of geolocations and pictures to mitigate the gps spotty coverage. Usually using QR codes is the solution when GPS is limited, but QRs were not an option as Pulau Ubin has strict policies about setting any physical equipment.